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Shower Problems

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So Dana comes into the living room last Friday and says “We’ve got mushrooms growing in the shower”. And I’m all like “lol wat?

“There are mushrooms in the shower. Like, growing out of the window.”

“Big mushrooms?”

“Big enough.”

I head into the bathroom and sure enough, there’s a little beige mushroom the size of a quarter growing out of the caulk between the window trim and the surrounding tile. So I says to myself “Okay, I’ll cut out this old caulk, put in some new caulk and slap on a new coat of water resistant paint and call it a day.”

Off comes the caulk, and underneath it the wooden trim is all black from mold and water damage. I say to myself, “Okay, plan B. I’ll just rip off this trim, replace it with some new wood, slap on a few coats of water-proof paint and some more caulk and we’re done.”

Under the trim, the wood framing and insulation is all black and rotting with mold and water damage. I say to myself, “Okay, plan C. I’ll just rip down some of the drywall and some of the tiles, however much I need to take out and replace the damaged parts, and then patch things up again.”

I started ripping. And ripping. And ripping some more. The damage goes all the way down to the ground, and all the way out to both sides. Now I say to myself. “Okay, I’m going to go crazy, completely gut my bathroom down to the studs and redo the whole damn thing.”

So that’s what I’ve been doing the past couple days instead of cooking stuff or writing blog posts about cooking stuff. Posts will be delayed for the next few days.

Author: Andrew Whitworth

I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Sometimes I like to go out to my garden, or step into my kitchen and make a really big mess of things.

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