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Seedlings Rollcall

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Dana was all like “What did you buy?” and I was all like “IDK LOL”.

I Dunno LOL

I Dunno LOL

Of course, I really did know, and I knew it was awesome.

Xander and I went down to Home Depot to buy some stuff for the last stages of our never-ending bathroom repair and remodel project. When we were at the store he wanted to go to the Lawn and Garden “Outside Part”. There I saw some of the first new plant seedlings for sale and quickly picked up a small Rosemary plant and a packet of 50 baby onion transplants.


On our way to the cash register Xander mentioned the blueberries again. OKAY FINE I’LL BUY THEM. Twist my leg, whydoncha? Actually, the leg didn’t need much twisting. I also picked up a packet of pepperoncini pepper seeds. My current list of seedlings packed tightly in the small space under my grow light looks like this:

  • 17 tomato plants (6 Roma, 3 “Super 100 Hybrid” cherries, 3 “Redcurrant” cherries, and 5 others which are a mix of these and volunteers)
  • 4 “Long Thai Hot” hot peppers
  • 4 “California Wonder” bell peppers
  • 24 “Walla Walla” sweet yellow onions

Those pepperoncinis haven’t sprouted yet, but I could get up to 4 of them as well.


Last year with my cowhorn and serrano peppers I made a lot of hot pepper vinegar, which is always a favorite addition to soups. You only need a spoonful of that stuff for almost any meal, and the quantity I made last summer is more than enough to get me through 2013 and into 2014 (even considering I gave the bulk away as gifts). This year with the Thai hot peppers and the garlic I planted I want to make some sriracha, and with the pepperoncini I want to make some pickled peppers for sandwiches and salads.

The 6 roma tomato plants serve one primary purpose: to be cooked down into tomato sauce. Sure, they’ll also be the bomb diggity in salsa, bruschetta, and sliced thick on hamburgers. This year if I can get a decent crop, I’m hoping to put up several big jars of sauce for the winter months. The cherry tomatoes I got, which both promise to be prolific varieties, are going to be mostly for fresh eating. If I get too many, I may try my hand at drying them out again (if I can buy or borrow a real dehydrator).

Author: Andrew Whitworth

I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Sometimes I like to go out to my garden, or step into my kitchen and make a really big mess of things.

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