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Pepper Disaster!

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On Sunday I transplanted my little pepper and tomato plants, which I started from seed and have been nurturing by hand for months, into my garden. Some time on Tuesday SOME RAT BASTARD ANIMAL ATE THREE OF MY PEPPER PLANTS. Whatever it was, it didn’t even completely eat the plants. It just gnawed them off, chewed them a little bit, and left them for me to find. Here’s a big “F You” from nature. Thank you very much.


Since my pepper plants were all mixed up, I don’t even know which ones specifically were dead. Were they my bell peppers? My Thai hot peppers? A mix of both?

I went down to the Home Depot with the boy, in an angry huff. I bought three new pepper plant seedlings, a roll of chicken wire fencing, and a pair of snips to cut it with. By the end of the evening I had the three peppers replaced with a fun new assortment and I had all my tomato and pepper seedlings surrounded by little chicken wire cages.


The three new pepper plants I bought as replacements are:

  • Sweet Orange Bell
  • Hot Red Cherry
  • Cayenne

The red cherry peppers, like my pepperoncinis, are probably going to be pickled or chopped up into relish and used on sandwiches. The cayanne peppers will flavor some fresh food and may get dehydrated down into chili powder (or turned into chili oil or even more pepper vinegar). The sweet orange bell peppers will probably be eaten fresh (but I could be talked into roasting and canning them, if I get enough).


From tragedy, maybe I’ll have created an even better garden with a better assortment of peppers.

Author: Andrew Whitworth

I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Sometimes I like to go out to my garden, or step into my kitchen and make a really big mess of things.

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