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Blueberries Are Growing

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Neither of my two cherry trees produced any flowers so far, and I don’t have high hopes that they will do so later (and you can’t have cherries without flowers first!). I don’t know if they were just so traumatized by the cross-country trip (by UPS, as god intended) or if they were so heavily pruned by the nursery that all the flowering buds had been removed. Both trees are leafing out well and are more or less healthy-looking, but they aren’t going to give us any fruit this year. Bummer.

The Blueberries, on the other hand, are kicking butt. Both of them flowered very well, and several small blueberries are starting to form:


I was worried that the potting soil I used for these bushes wasn’t going to be acidic enough (blueberries LOVE acidic soil, it helps with absorbing iron and other nutrients into the roots, among other benefits). I have given both of them a hearty dose of a soluble fertilizer for acid-loving plants, and they seem to be growing, flowering and fruiting with no problems. I’ll give them another dose in a few weeks to boost them into the hot summer months.

My potato plants are looking healthy but aren’t growing very fast. I’m hoping that the warm weather will start having a beneficial impact on them as well. I’m making a few notes about things I would change for next year, but right now my only option is to watch and wait.

Author: Andrew Whitworth

I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Sometimes I like to go out to my garden, or step into my kitchen and make a really big mess of things.

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