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Cherry Melomel Update

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Both Cherry Melomel and Cherry Cyser have finished primary fermentation, sat for about a month, and been racked. Here’s a quick update.

Cherry Melomel

The Cherry Melomel has a great cherry flavor, notes of honey, and lots of residual sweetness. I liken it to a cherry-flavored Moscato, with plenty of sweetness. It has a very dark color which makes it opaque in the jug, but in the cup it’s has a clear color more like a dark red wine.  There is quite a bit of harshness to the flavor, so it’s going to sit for a few months.  I’ll probably see if it needs to be racked again in April, and plan to be drinking it by mid-summer.

Cherry Cyser

I racked the Cherry Cyser today, although I was a bit sloppy and stirred up a bit of sediment. It has very strong aromas of both cherry and the honey, and there are definite notes of both cherry and apple in the taste. Like the Cherry Melomel it has some serious harshness to it so it’s going to need a few months to mellow out. I’ll probably rack it again by the end of February to try and get some more sediment out, see if it needs another rack around May and plan to drink it towards the end of summer.

Author: Andrew Whitworth

I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Sometimes I like to go out to my garden, or step into my kitchen and make a really big mess of things.

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