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Garlic Status

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My Garlic crop is the largest and most interesting right now, so I decided to write a hole post on just that.

Notes By Variety

Music is growing quite well. They are the second-largest, on average, of all the garlic varieties. I had one Music that seemed to separate into two heads (or, I accidentally planted two in the same hole). I dug that one up, carefully broke them up and planted them separately. I lost a few roots in the process, and for a few days they looked a little droopy (and lonely), but now they are doing well with no problems.

German Red is slightly smaller than Music but still pretty big. I’ve had no problems with these and nothing interesting to report.

Italian Purple is by far the smallest  variety, with the slowest growth. I don’t know if the plants are supposed to be smaller, if my microclimate just isn’t right for it, or if the dirt in that part of my garden is particularly devoid of nutrients. Only time will tell if these produce good bulbs.

Leningrad are about the same size as German Red, and are growing quite well.

German White are the largest of the plants. They are about 3-6 inches taller than the other plants. Hopefully this translates into large cloves at harvest time.


Last year, all my garlic looked the same and I had no issues. This year….there are a few. One problem I’ve noticed is that of multiple shoots. It appears as if new garlic heads are growing in the middle of the other garlic heads. Here’s a picture of a normal garlic, with a single shoot, with leaves alternating on each side:


…and here are some of my weird garlics, with multiple little shoots coming out of the middle:



It’s hard to find information about this on the internet, because I don’t know what this condition is called. What little information I have found suggests that this shouldn’t be a problem. The only varieties that seem to have this issue are the Music and the Italian Purple. Again, I don’t know if this is an issue with these varieties, if it’s totally normal, or if something in those areas of my garden is causing the abnormalities. I know I have a few voles scurrying about in that bed, so maybe they are up to some hijinx.

Author: Andrew Whitworth

I'm a software engineer from Philadelphia PA. Sometimes I like to go out to my garden, or step into my kitchen and make a really big mess of things.

One thought on “Garlic Status

  1. I’m having same problem and no one seems to know what it is other than maybe because of a temperature fluctuation

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