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Peach Wine In Memoriam

We are gathered here today in remembrance of Peach Wine. We watched her birth and development with loving anticipation, but unfortunately we weren’t able to see her mature into adulthood. She was taken from us too soon, before she could even be bottled.

With a few precious moments of free time, I decided to try and bottle my Peach Wine. As soon as I picked the jug up, however, I saw something terrible: the water in the airlock had evaporated down past the point where a seal could be maintained. The wine had been open to the air, for how long I do not know.

I went through the motions anyway. I tossed in a campden tablet and stabilized with some potassium sorbate, and did some tests with backsweetening to see if it could be salvaged. Unfortunately it was too far gone and the whole batch needed to be tossed. The off-flavors were severe, a mixture of paint thinner and rubbing alcohol. It tasted bitter and miserable. So, it’s gone now.

I’ll definitely do another batch this year, as soon as the early peaches come in at the orchard I’ll snatch up a bunch and start another batch of wine with them. I’ll be sure to keep a much closer eye on the airlock this time.